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t Ever World Scout Winter Games held at KISC!
Author: Vanessa Von der Muhll
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This weekend was a very exciting one in Kandersteg when the first ever
World Scout Winter Games were held at the Kandersteg International Scout
Centre (KISC), Switzerland. The three day event, based in the Swiss Alps,
was the first of its kind, bringing together 9 teams of Scouts from 8 different
countries to compete in a number of winter activities. The disciplines included
were Cross Country Skiing, Curling, Slalom Racing, Synchronised Skiing and
a Triathlon.
There was a good level of competitiveness among the teams, while we also
saw a great display of international Scouting, with teams having fun together
throughout the weekend.
The competition was based on teams accumulating points in each discipline and the overall winners of the event were the
Swedish team, with Norway coming in 2nd place, followed by Liechtenstein in 3rd.
The idea behind the games was to bring together teams from many different countries
to compete in a series of winter disciplines and enjoy a fun, Scouting atmosphere at
the same time. The event was a huge success and Kandersteg International Scout
Centre look forward to hosting the 2nd World Scout Winter Games in 2010!
The games had 9 teams competing from the following countries:
Liechtenstein - Pfadfinder und Pfadfinderinnen LiechtensteinsNorway - The
Norwegian Guide & Scout Association Portugal - Corpo Nacional des Escutas
(CNE)Spain - Minyons Escoltes i Guies de CatalunyaSweden - The Swedish Guide
& Scout Council Switzerland - Pfadibewegung SchweizUnited Kingdom - The Scout AssociationUnited States - Boy
Scouts of America - 2 teams

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