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The Scouts of the World Award is an initiative to help National Scout Organisations revitalise the programme of Senior Sections (15-26 age range) by giving young people more opportunities to face the challenges of the future as identified by the Millennium Declaration unanimously adopted by the 189 member countries of the United Nations in 2000. Find here all the information about this international Award.

Scouts of the World Network
The SW Network provides an unique opportunity to enter into the real adventure of today’s world: protecting the environment, working for development, challenging ethnic and nationalistic prejudices and building peace within and between the communities; in one thought, contributing to making the world a better place.

How to get the SW Award?
The Scouts of the World Award is granted to young people having successfully accomplished a “Scouts of the World Discovery” and a “Scouts of the World Voluntary Service”.

The Scouts of the World Award is a special award showing that a young person is aware of world issues (Scouts of the World Discovery) and has acquired through a voluntary service the necessary experience and skills to become a citizen of the world.

SW Partnership
The Scouts of the World Partnership is a network of associations willing to help each other in implementing the Scouts of the World Award. The SW Partnership, as was identified in the Marrakech chapter, contributes to the enrichment of the youth programme, especially in the field of development education and peace education.

SW Discovery
The SW Discovery is an adventure lasting several days, organised with a focus on environment, development or peace.

How to deliver the SW Award?
The SW Award is entirely managed by National Scout Organizations. It cannot be delivered except by NSOs having adopted it and integrated it into their programmes for the older sections.

SW Voluntary Service
After having accomplished a SW Discovery, a young person willing to obtain the SW Award has to do a period of voluntary service in order to contribute to solving a problem related to the Millennium Development Goals. A SW Voluntary Service is a period of personal commitment to support a community project in the field of environment, development or peace.

SW Bases
A SW Base is a place where SW Discoveries and SW Voluntary Services can be organised. There are several ways in which to set up SW Bases, and National Scout Organizations can use all of them simultaneously and in a flexible way if they want to help as many young people as possible prepare and obtain the SW Award.

How to implement the SW Award?
The aim of the Scouts of the World Award is to contribute to the enrichment of the programme for the over-15 sections (Senior-Scout Section and Rover Section) in two areas: community service and international cooperation.

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