Antonio Alaminos - Castor Precavido  08/02/2008  01:06:30

Recommendation 1:
That the Statutes of WSB Inc be amended so as to make clear the ownership and
responsibility for management of the intellectual property of WOSM.
Recommendation 2:
That discussion on membership criteria for WOSM be encouraged during the next World Scout
Conference and afterwards, so as to ensure that our current objective criteria are still fit for
purpose or to identity viable alternatives that will promote the unity of Scouting whilst still
preserving our fundamental principles.
Recommendation 3:
That the World Scout Bureau urgently prepares a plan for the implementation of the Resource
Mobilisation Strategy, for approval by the World Scout Committee, outlining the staffing
requirements and costs.
Recommendation 4:
That the agreed division of fund-raising between the World Scout Bureau and the World Scout
Foundation (WSF) be confirmed, rather than the fund-raising "out of one hand" recommended
by McKinsey in 2001.
Recommendation 5:
That the categories of membership for census and registration fee purposes be clarified.
Recommendation 6:
That all World Scout Conference and World Scout Youth Forum documents and as many
resource documents as possible should in future be translated into the five WOSM working
Recommendation 7:
That the Regional Scout Committees and the World Scout Committee be merged into a new
World Scout Council as indicated in this report.
Recommendation 8:
That a World Scout Advisory Council be set up to support the work of the World Scout
Recommendation 9:
That an appropriate structure of Committees of the World Scout Council be set up as
indicated in this report.
Recommendation 10:
That the Constitutions Committee be asked to oversee the preparation of the detailed
amendments to the WOSM Constitution that would be required to give effect to the proposals
of the World Scout Committee. TEXTO INTEGRO EN SCOUT.ORG DE LA OMMS.

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