Antonio Alaminos - Castor Precavido  05/07/2008  22:03:49

Triennial Report: 2005-2008, de la OMMS, fuente: web OMMS, 5-7-2008.

Every three years, the governing body of World Scouting meets to evaluate the recent past and consider the future. Since 1922, this sequence of meetings has mapped out the destiny of a unique movement for young people. The projection of the Scout Movement towards the future depends on a universal vision, the legacy of Baden-Powell: to create a better world. One year after the Centenary of Scouting, the World Scout Conference can look towards the horizon with a pioneering spirit and people who know where they are starting from and are moving forward fearlessly to prepare new ground.

The Triennial Report 2005-2008 looks at three exceptional years: The end of one century and the beginning of another. The maturity of an established Movement and enthusiastic young people who are willing to offer their Gifts for Peace. It also looks closely at the evolution of the Strategy, the development of a Brand Strategy, the launching of global action for development and growth and more... A look at the challenges of World Scouting.


Three Years at a Glance
1. WOSM Overview
2. World Scout Committee
3. World Scout Bureau
4. World Events, Partnerships and Projects
5. In support of World Scouting
6. Annexes

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